About Reputation Saviors

Reputation Saviors has built the most experienced team of reputation management consultants and search engine experts in the online reputation management business. Our experience and leadership in online reputation management stems from founder Chris Edwards. He has 17 years of experience in building online brand, comparison-shopping and search engine optimization.

Our team has advanced on the knowledge of online shopping, search engines, directories, local searching and social media in order to develop traditional and proprietary techniques for diminishing, replacing and removing negative information from it’s source on the web as well as boosting your reputation and protecting your future.

About Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards was one of the early founders of online comparison-shopping in 1996 with his early work with Price.com and Malls.com. He became president and CEO of Shop.com Inc from September 2001 to October 2002. His goal was to increase brand recognition of the Shop.com domain. In only one year, he he took the Shop.com domain from a website making $1500 per month in revenue into a sold domain name and business plan to Idealab in late 2003, for $15 Million.

Our Guarantee

No one in the online reputation management business can guarantee you a specific result in a search engine, since they do not own the search engine. However, we have control of the type, number and quality of the website and listings that we create for you.

High quality, that’s our guarantee! You will be delivered a spreadsheet of all the listings that we create for you, as well as a list of actions that we have taken in order to remove or contest unwanted information. This is to ensure you that the proper work was done for you and to give you access to all of the listings.

Reputation Saviors reserves the right to perform a larger campaign, even month after month, if it was necessary to gain your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Does Online Reputation Management work?

The goal is to remove any negative information found on the Internet and replace it with hundreds to thousands of new websites, new listings, new content and new reviews.

We are experienced in diminishing or removing this type of information from the Internet:

a) negative reviews
b) incorrect information
c) mugshots, arrests, court records
d) rumors, slander, blog comments
e) news articles, images, video's
g) competitors, past employees

2) Negative information shows up in the Search Engines about myself and/ or my company on the Internet. What can Reputation Saviors do for me?

In most cases, negative information shows up in the Search Engines under many different keyword combinations, including your personal name, company name, company location, company brand names and website domain names. Your campaign size, length and cost will depend upon the number of keyword combinations negative information appears under, the number of negative reviews in the search results as well as your unique situation.

3) How long does it take to have the information removed from the Internet?

The removal time frame can vary depending on the type of information you are looking to remove. Some removals are immediate while others are determined by the source website's terms and conditions. When removing content from a search engine similar to Google or Yahoo, their terms and conditions allow for up to 6 weeks.

4) How long does it take for the recent listings to appear in the search engine?

It all depends on whether we list you or your company on 100 new websites or 10000 new websites. The average time for the majority of newly created listings for Reputation Saviors customers to show up in the search engines is 48 hours to 2 weeks.

5) Can I do the work myself?

Yes, but unless you've had experience with all of the websites involved and search engine techniques, your success in diminishing or removing negative information will be very low. Our experience with hundreds of companies, individuals and their unique situations along with experience with thousands of top websites going back 11 years allows us to manage your online reputation quickly and correctly, the first time.

6) How much does it cost?

How much money have you lost so far and how much would you lose over a year? Do you think by also bringing hundreds of new visitors to your website per day, looking for your products that you will make more money? More than it will cost to do the campaign?

7) Who are some of your current clients? Do you have references?

We respect the privacy of our personal and businesses customers. We will not disclose the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes unless they have agreed to be used as one of our examples or testimonials on the website. However, your account specialist will be able to show you a related example or point you to one of our references in your industry.

8) Can you help fix what another Search Engine Optimization company started?

Yes, we commonly help customers who have already used one or more search engine companies. In some cases, the customer no longer has access to the logins and passwords for their website listings. In other cases, Reputation Saviors adds to existing campaigns in order to improve upon the work of the previous company.

9) I own a company. Will I make more money by using Reputation Saviors?

Yes, 100% of our corporate customers earn more money in new sales, more website visitors and improved brand than it ever cost them for their reputation management services.

10) How should I choose an “Online Reputation Management” company?

The best reputation management companies are honest and up-front about the kind of service you need, the results you should expect and when to expect them.

a) Be sure to avoid companies who offer an impossible guarantee of results.
Since reputation management companies do not own Google, they cannot guarantee what Google will do.

b) Some reputation monitoring services will make your situation worse.
Some ask you to perform repetitive searches on the Internet for keywords such as “Your Name Reviews” and “Your Name Complaints”. By doing this, Google's new Search Suggestion tool will begin displaying the words “Reviews” and “Complaints” next to your name as a Top Suggested Keyword, thus further directing web visitors to the potentially negative information.

c) Some services advertise that they remove your personal listings.
If you are attempting to diminish negative information about your personal name, removing your personal listings would be the last thing you would want to do.

d) For corporations selling products or services, the company must have experience.
In order to maximize your success and return on investment, the company must have experience in all three areas of Online Shopping, Search Engine Optimization and Reviews Management.