EXAMPLES - Search Engine Optimization

Reputation Saviors uses online search engine techniques to optimize your website, each of your existing website listings and new listings for target keywords related to your unique situation and industry. Each page is optimized by hand using the experience of creating hundreds of listings on these websites for our previous and existing customers.

We have proven 1st Page placements for keywords such as “Comparison Shopping” as early as 2002 and “Home Loans” in 2005. Reputation Saviors has hundreds of 1st Page placements for our customers at any given time. See our Examples section for current 1st Page placements.

Below are actual examples by our Reputation Saviors staff of Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization results. In these examples we are not using “Pseudonyms”, “Fake Names” or “Fake Companies” as all other competitors in this business are using. Our clients have instead, elected for a month to month Reputation Saviors Protection campaign designed to repel any additional negative attacks because of the public nature of their examples.

These Reputation Management Examples show how Reputation Saviors removes or replaces the Title text and Description text of unwanted links that show up in the search results:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Keyword "Pet Rocks for Sale" - #1 - Rock in the Box Productions
Search Keyword "24 Hour Dental Emergencies" - #1 - OswickKashlakDMD.com
Search Keyword "A Dentist on Call" - #2 & 3,4,5 - DavidHazanDMD.com
Search Keyword "Allstate Kissimmee" "Kissimee Insurance" - #1 Allstate Agency
Search Keyword "As Seen On Tv Wholesale Orlando" - #1 & 2,3,4,5,6,7 Momos Market
Search Keyword "Multi Wave Oscillator For Sale" - #5 & 6, 10 Rife Multiple Wave


To replace the Title and Description text for negative links showing up in the search results.


Google Auto Suggest

Google Auto Suggest is the keyword search suggestion function of Google. We help replace the suggestions of keywords such as “your name” + “complaints”, “scam”, “bankruptcy” with suggested keywords such as your name + “coupon” in order to direct web visitors to more beneficial information.


To replace the top Google suggested phrases from “Beverly Diamonds Complaints”, “Beverly Diamonds Scam” to “Beverly Diamonds Coupon” and “Beverly Diamonds Los Angeles”


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